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At Arena Investment Management, we can provide you with assistance in all aspects of financial planning. Perhaps your requirements lie in protecting your family, investing for your future or preserving your wealth for future generations.

Goals and Objectives

This enables us to draw up a financial plan focused on achieving those aims.

Robust Advice process

Our structured approach to advice enables us to give our clients the best outcomes.


Regularly review your goals to incorporate any new changes.

Licensed Lbourg

We are well registered and licensed to trade on your behalf


No overdraft penalties to pay. Experience a reliable investment with no hidden fees.

SECURE trusted

We are safe and 100% trusted investment company with a over 500,000 clients

Here are our

6 Core Steps of financial planning

1. Initial Meeting

We begin with an introductory meeting to understand your goals and objectives. We do this through a combination of talking through your aspirations for the future, your personal objectives and other goals you may have.

2. Fact Finding

We will get to know you by taking you through a comprehensive consultation document. With your written permission, we will contact your existing providers to get full details of any existing arrangements you may have.

3. Financial Situation Analysis

Once we have a full understanding of what you would like to achieve, we will assess if you are currently on track to achieve your goals. We undertake a comprehensive analysis of your current plans to ensure they remain suitable for you. If your current plans do not work, we may recommend a new strategy.

4. Plan Development

After analysing your current situation, we will present our recommendations to you. We will discuss our recommendations and any proposed changes to your existing plans in detail. Our team will explain the reasons for any changes and ensure you are happy with the agreed goals.

5. Implementation

Following your agreement to proceed with a new financial plan, we will manage the transition through any changes. Our administration team will liaise with all the involved parties to ensure your new financial plan is implemented correctly.

6. Review and Refine

We like to meet our clients on a regular basis to make sure you are on track to achieve your goals and objectives in the most effective way. Any changes to your plans and circumstances will be discussed and actioned throughout the review period.

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Jargon free atmosphere

Don’t worry if you find financial planning confusing or if you aren’t clear on tax planning and investment management. our professional advisors will ensure that you come out of your meeting with clear and defined objectives.

We take the complexity out of investments pensions and tax planning so you can make truly informed decisions.


Customer service really is a concept we truly understand.

When speaking to our clients one word crops up time and time again; integrity, it’s through our integrity that we have built strong, long term relationships with clients who trust us to manage their families financial planning. What’s more, they are happy to recommend us to their family, friends and colleagues. Arena has grown primarily through personal recommendations from clients who have benefited from our advice.

We update our clients through every step of their financial plan with us, having our clients fully involved with our process has been key to establishing long standing relations for the past years.

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Why choose Us

There are variety of reasons to include hedge funds in a portfolio of otherwise traditional investments. The most cited reason to include them in any portfolio is their ability to reduce risk and add diversification.

Risk Reduction

Identifying risk is an important first step, It is not sufficient though. Taking steps to deal with risk is an essential step. Knowing about and thinking about risk is not the same as doing something about risk, Risk will occur.

Return Enhancement

As profits are in the numerator of the return on equity ratio, increasing profits relative to equity increases our own equity. We distribute idle cash and lower taxes to enhance your returns

Allocation Consideration

All insures have four fundamental investment needs in varying degrees: yield generation, growth, inflation protection and risk mitigation. We guide our insures portfolio by a forward looking multi-year plan that clearly demonstrates how it will support key objectives over time.

As truly independent advisors we are committed to our clients 100% and are free from external control and constraint. we are not influenced by any decision but our own. We make this belief a reality by putting clients first, leading with exceptional ideas, doing the right thing and giving back.

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