what we can do ?

Our stipulated goals are to make our customers feel secured.

  • Our seasoned teams create a financing packages well tailored to suit your needs.
  • We do everything in our power to help make your plans a success and ensure your investments flourishes.
  • We work with a range of financial partners and we are always at the beck and call international investors ready for business.
  • Our professionals are well versed in the tactics of designing and maintaining an investment mix to match your goals. This helps in achieving your financial objectives while balancing risk against performance.



Our approach establishes your specific goals and objectives that are individual to you. This enables us to draw up a financial plan focused on achieving those aims. Working with you throughout the advice process ensures we are able to truly understand your needs and wants, giving us the ability to construct a firm well-defined financial plan. We can use cashflow modelling techniques to demonstrate your potential future lifestyle.

You may already have financial plans which need reviewing. Arena are more than happy to go through your existing arrangements with you to help you understand how effectively these are working towards your existing and new objectives. These objectives will not be set in stone and will be regularly reviewed to incorporate any changes in your circumstances.

Our job is to eliminate as much of that uncertainly as possible and to work with you to identify the most appropriate way for you to achieve your financial goals.

By working through a series of logical steps, we will help you gain a better understanding of the options available, and working together, we can devise and implement a suitable financial plan to target your goals.

We do this by using the following six step process:
  • Establish and define the client-adviser relationship. We will clearly explain and document the services that we will provide to you and define both our and your responsibilities during the financial planning process. We will explain fully we will be paid and by whom. We will also agree on how long the professional relationship should last and on how decisions will be made.
  • Getting to know you. We will gather information about your financial situation. Together we will define your personal and financial goals, understand the time frame for results and discuss how you feel about risk.
  • Analyse and evaluate financial status. We will analyse this information to assess your current position and determine what you must do to meet your goals. Depending on what services you have asked for, this could include analysing assets, liabilities and cash flow, current insurance coverage, retirement planning, investments or tax strategies.
  • Develop and present financial planning recommendations and/or alternatives. We will then offer recommendations that address your goals, based on the information provided. We will discuss the recommendations with you to help you understand so that you can make informed decisions. We will listen to your concerns and revise the recommendations as appropriate.
  • Implement the financial planning recommendations. We will then agree on how the recommendations will be carried out. We are likely to carry out the recommendations and administer any contracts to be implemented. You will be kept updated as to the progress of the implementation stage.
  • Monitor the financial planning recommendations. On a regular basis we will review your situation including goals, risk profile, lifestyle and other relevant changes. We also review the performance of your plans to assess the levels of volatility and return. This process forms part of our ongoing planning discussions with you to ensure that we are always working towards the achievement of your financial and lifestyle objectives.

Our main role is to work with our clients to help them with life’s important financial questions.

  • Can I afford to move house?
  • What will happen to my family if I cannot work?
  • Can I afford to privately educate my children or put them through University?
  • Am I making my money work hard enough for me?
  • Could I adjust my financial plans to pay less tax?
  • When will I be able to afford to retire?
  • How much inheritance tax will my children and grandchildren have to pay?

We believe that the success of any business is based upon honesty and openness. At Arena Financial management we are looking to build long standing relationships with our clients and this can be demonstrated by the fact that many of our clients have been clients for decades and have also had the confidence to recommend us to their friends and family when they have required financial advice.

Professional financial advice can add significant value to individuals and businesses. It is because of this that we provide a comprehensive ongoing review service designed to create real value for our clients.

As your partner in building wealth and security, we focus on ways that we can help you to live the life you want to live. By engaging Arena Financial management you assure yourselves of regular financial checkups and access to new ideas brought to you by the Arena Financial management team.

Corporate Services
  • Group Life Cover
  • Group Income Protection
  • Group Healthcare/Dental
  • Group Pension Schemes
  • Employee Benefits
  • Key Man Insurance
Private Client
  • Investment Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Residential Mortgages
  • Health and Long Term Care
  • Business and Family Protection

Our team of professionals at Arena will provide you with the advice needed to ensure your investments are working to your best advantage. We use numerous external research companies who provide us with the investment analysis which we require.

If you already have financial plans in place but need further investment advice, a meeting can be arranged to receive professional advice and information from one of our advisors. Some of our clients already have sufficient financial plans in place but need advice regarding their existing investment choices. We are happy to offer advice to clients in this position. We believe our ongoing service is as important as our initial advice. We believe asset allocation is the best way for investors to diversify and gain from investing money. As nobody knows how markets will perform in the short term, it is incredibly important to ensure you hold a sufficiently wide range of assets to benefit from the capital growth opportunities for the long term. By using an asset allocation model we can determine the funds and sectors to be used for you, dependent upon your attitude to risk.

Our approach to working with you is long term. This is the best approach to investment management, which means Arena are able to invest for growth, income or a mix of the two.

We do this by using the following:
  • Professional analysis
  • Full-time diligence
  • Ability to time or outperform market
  • Ability to protect portfolio in down times

We're proud of the work we do and our staff teams work hard to deliver services that make a big difference to the lives of the people we support. No-one is perfect, but we do get a lot of positive comments from people who use our services. Here is a sample of what they have said about us.


Here's what people have told us about their experience at Arena Financial.


At Arena Financial management, our employees are taken care of with great salary, referral bonus,awesome benefits and high-quality training no matter what your position is. Check it out for yourself!

  • Health Insurance. Your coverage starts the first of the month following your date of hire. Plus our provider offers fun ways to earn incentives to stay active and healthy.
  • Dental Insurance. We offer a comprehensive dental package for you and your family.
  • Referral bonus. We give incentive that motivates employees / investors to recruit candidates from within their networks.
  • Voluntary Vision Insurance. We offer a comprehensive vision package for you and your family.
  • Basic & Voluntary Life Insurance. We offer basic life insurance paid at 100%. Employees can purchase additional life insurance for themselves, or spouse or dependents.
  • Short-Term & Long-Term Disability. We pay 100% of short term and long term disability plans.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). Employees can set aside pre-tax dollars to help cover any medical or dependent expenses.
  • 401(K). Helping others save for the future is what we do best. We offer dollar per dollar match for all employees up to 8%. Anything we match is 100% vested.
  • Group Accident Insurance. If an accident occurs outside of work, we've got you covered. Employees can purchase group accident insurance to help cover costs.
  • Personal Time Off (PTO). Work/life balance is extremely important to us. We offer a substantial amount of time off that increases with tenure.
  • Holidays. Aside from PTO, we recognize Financial Institutions & SFIs)’ holidays throughout the year and encourage employees to spend time with their families.
  • Continuing Education. We value education and offer programs to help cover rising college costs such as student loan repayment and tuition reimbursement.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP). We offer additional programs at no cost for mental health assistance, financial counseling and legal advice.
  • Parental Leave. Planning for a baby or an adoption? We understand the importance of bonding time with your child. We offer both maternity and paternity leave for employees.
  • Wellness. Arena Financial management supports a healthy lifestyle. We offer annual biometric health screenings and additional wellness education programs.


Just because we're a Special Financial Institutions , doesn't mean we're all business. Besides competitive benefits and career development opportunities, here are some additional perks you can expect at Arena Financial Management; Monthly team lunches covered by the management provides employees the opportunity to foster relationships outside of work; An annual tank contest allows team members to voice their ideas to help create real change within the organization. We also host annual fundraising events such as trivia & game night, upscale holiday & summer parties and plenty of opportunities for community outreach.



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